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A L L I E S  I N  H E A L T H



Meet the healthcare providers that inspire + compliment BRAVO Manual Therapy + Bodywork.


Meet Anthony.



Becoming a healthier version of yourself is not as hard as you make it out to be! It’s a choice you make on a daily basis that you just commit to. Don’t just talk about it…BE ABOUT IT!


Having had the priveledge of being first-hand inspired by this man, we are proud to recommend Anthony as a personal trainer to kickstart your healthy goals. If you are looking for a new challenge, try one of his classes at any of the Chicago Soul Cycle locations to learn what hard work (and the satifaction you get from it) truly feels like.


Anthony ia a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with over 6 years of personal training experience. He has trained a variety of clients with differing backgrounds, fitness goals, and fitness levels. 




Alexia currently teaches the Myosre program at Yoga View in Chicago and has found a daily practice to be profoundly transformative, calming, and awakening to self-knowledge. It is these benefits that have given her tremendous faith in yoga and passion for the practice.


As a teacher, Alexia inspires students to persevere, with enthusiasm, and discover what gifts their practice holds for them.


As a yoga practicioner, the profound effect that Alexia has had on Becka's daily practice and life is immeasurable, and we are thrilled to share her beautiful heart and passion with others. 







Denise Sauriol has been supporting and coaching runners since 2007 - inlcuding our very own Christian Bravo as her crossed the finish line of the Chicago Marathon twice. 


She is a certified running coach through Road Runners Club of America. The most positive and patient of coaches, Denise tailors her coaching to the needs of the individual, whether you are an experienced competitor looking to set a Personal Record (PR) or a novice runner preparing for your first of many finish lines.


Denise can develop a personalized training plan based on your current fitness level and race goal while integrating injury prevention. She understands the importance of self care in the training process, and we work close together to tailor a full spectrum running program to suit your needs.



Meet Patrick.



A man of myriad talents, Dr. Patrick Eley, D.C., attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, and has completed 100 hours in postgraduate study at the Carrick Institute Of Neuroscience with a continual focus on the holistic application of food in healing and wellness.


A former coworker of both Christian and Becka, Patrick is a chiropractic physician who shares our common desire to address the person as a whole, to learn continuously, and to bestow our passion with as many people as possible. He maintains a private practice, offering his expertise in preventative healthcare and nutrition via video chat - straight to your home or office.


His areas of expertise include ADHD, pediatrics, strength athletes, MMA, digestive disorders, and pain management.

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