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IN-HOME convenience

Forget the stress of driving to an appointment, dealing with traffic, finding and paying for parking, and more importantly, working within the constraints of someone else's work schedule. 


We come to you! And to stress even less, we provide absolutely everything, from the table to sheets to music. Just make yourself at home... because you already are.


When we come to your home or office, we are bringing with us everything we need to create a phenomenal massage therapy session, including over 15  years of clinical manual therapy experience.


As lifelong students of our craft, experienced patients, and as professionals with years in both the spa and clinical settings, BRAVO Method© therapists bring a unique perspective that covers a broad range of therapeutic and clinical modalities, and we will tailor your session to your specific needs. You are not simply receiving a massage, you are receiving your massage.   



All products used in our practice are certified organic with no harsh chemicals or added fragrance. We employ only pure, organic essential oils, natural analgesic creams + lotions. Sheets are cleaned using all natural laundry detergents.

Our primary carrier oil is organic coconut oil. Individual client preferences will always be taken into account. Special requests may require up to a week notice unless arrangements otherwise made by client.

100% natural


more than just massage

With BRAVO Manual Therapy + Bodywork, you get automatic access to some of the best healthcare providers in the city. Becka is connected with a team of passionate experts in the greater Cleveland and Chicago areas who provide services from personal training to chiropractic to nutritional advice and more. 

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