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I played high level competitive athletics for more than a decade, have had ongoing massage treatments from various therapists across the country for the past 15 + years, and have undergone 5 surgeries in that same time period. The treatments I receive from Becka is like no other treatment I've received anywhere. Her ability to connect with my body's ailments and her knowledgeable approach to correct and heal pain that in the past would only have resulted in surgeries has truly changed my life and understanding of my own body. Prior to my first session with Becka I was about two months away from needing (or so I thought) my sixth surgery (second on the same shoulder) but I was assured by Becka after that she was confident I could avoid consistent surgeries with ongoing treatments and I could not be happier to report that she has been absolutely correct! I highly recommend Bravo and am a living testimonial to the amazing work they do!


I have worked with Becka for over 7 years. She doesn't just massage, she heals. She understands what is going on beneath the surface, which enables her to alleviate the source of your pain. Becka's massages are an experience and they will change your life.

janine grandsart / marketing specialist

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