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Manual Therapy

Bravo Manual Therapy is the realization that higher functioning individuals need a higher level of care.

Our work is based on ensuring each client achieve structural integrity + functional movement. It's not about how you feel getting off the table, it's about how you feel moving through your life. Embracing a collaborative approach, we work with you + your healthcare providers to establish a balanced healthcare plan you can not only live with but thrive with.   

in-home clinical massage  |  myofascial trigger point therapy  |  percussion therapy  |  active cupping  |  CBD products


in-home services 

Your therapist comes directly to you. With BRAVO Manual Therapy, your healthcare plan is created  with you, in the environment you exist within. 



Achieving exceptional results isn’t an accident. Your whole health, your preventative self care is our consistent focus. We provide a means to your excellence by making sure your hectic schedule doesn’t have to interfere with your treatment plan. Coast to coast, a BRAVO Manual Therapist will be there to keep you on the path.



This  is not for everyone.

BRAVO Concierge is not only a desire to work with the best, but the confidence that you deserve to. We know you are operating on a level most individuals simply are not capable.


So are we. 



You know what it means to seek excellence. Understanding that the work is never done, that full effort on a consistent basis fosters exceptional results is the intimately familiar concept that has led you here. BRAVO therapists go beyond the boundaries of conventional massage therapy by continuously seeking a higher level of professional education + service.

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When paying cash, exact change is required. Therapists do NOT carry cash on their person.